🖤HALT🖤 Stash HQ is manned by a single one woman team... That team is me, all me and only me.
The Virus has landed in my home and so I am stepping away from the studio and all stock for the next 3 weeks. 💕 is STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS and as a small independent Irish business I need your support now more than ever💕 -
Orders can still be placed but no packages will ship until at least the 10th of November- My Mum has played a blinder the past few days getting the last orders packed and shipped to you lovely lot but as we move into Level 4.50976-2 she needs to return to her cocoon.
So as I brace myself to fight the virus in my home and mind my family I ask that you take a little peek on if you are starting your online Christmas shopping 🎄🛍️ I have added lots of little gift ideas all under €50! See them here >>
ALSO👇🏼 FREE GIFT for everyone who orders between now and November 10TH cause I'm sound and your sound too 👍🏻
And yes so far we are all ok, just one positive case and hoping it hasn't spread💕
Also-also... That's not a picture from today! 🤣
Stay safe, wear a mask it's everywhere!!

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