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Lost your Wedding Mojo??

Your wedding plans are all up in the air, cancelled, postponed, rescheduled. You've lost your planning mojo and no one can blame you. Most of us can't even plan our next meal at the moment never mind a big life event. Take a deep breath, everything will be OK.

The current situation is huge and overwhelming to everyone... Even those who pretend it's all roses.. Y... es we see you there Zenned-out-Zoey with your calm facade, you're not fooling anyone. This pandemic is bigger than every one of us. It's scary and it's unsettling to every aspect of life as we know it. Emotions are high and cabin fever us rife. But don't let all that steal your excitement, this is still YOUR time, YOUR run-in and YOUR MOMENT.
Own it, mayhem and ALL!!!
Make lists, tick them off, create mood boards, readjust that guest list & get the seating plan sorted. Fill out the attached Wedding Mojo sheet (find it below) and remind yourself everyday WHY YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED NOT JUST WHEN.

There is a silver lining to all this. When your day rolls round it will be even more perfect than you could have ever planned. With everyone being starved of celebrations, starved of human contact, stuck in their Pj's and trackies they are going to be well up for getting glammed up to celebrate big style when the restrictions lift. Guess what? Your wedding gets to be the big event they will all remember and more importantly really enjoy. Your wedding will go down in history as a great event and will be guaranteed to be all warm and fuzzy and full of ALL the feels.

So cry it out, dust your self off and get back on track. Keep the faith. Keep planning and keep reminding yourself



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Screenshot.... Edit on phone & look at it everytime your wedding mojo starts to fade 

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