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The Perfect Headpiece

The Perfect Headpiece for the Perfect Bride
With your wedding around the corner, come wedding jitters. You practically rethink everything. Is my wedding dress okay? What wedding accessories do I need? Should I wear a headpiece? Everybody gives their two-bits on what you should and shouldn’t do, making the confusion turn into a major dilemma.
Don't panic, it's normal to have all these thoughts. However, there is no need to fret about the headpiece. Let us outline the best headpieces for brides and make that choice a little easier.
Read our style guide, and choose for yourself a headpiece that says YOU:

As a little girl stared at her reflection in the mirror, she exclaimed “Dad, I want to be a princess”.
For this little girl, who is all grown up, her wedding is the opportunity to be the princess she always wanted to be. Be it a subtle yet elegant jewel-encrusted, silver tiara the likes of Kate Middleton’s bridal tiara. Or one representing chunky fashion and glamorous pearls.
For the girl wishing to be greater and more royal (hint: Be the Queen she is), wearing a crown is another beautiful wedding accessory.  Giving off a regal vibe, crowns can range from grand silver headpieces to smaller metallic frames.
Wear your hair open with soft beachwaves, and have the tiara or crown of your choice make headlines. Or, go for a chic look instead with a sleek high ponytail, and a subtle tiara on top.
Floral/Boho Vine
For those girls who do not prefer large headpieces, bridal hairvines are a wonderful invention. Minimalistic design and an elegant outlook make them one of the top choices for a bride wishing to keep it subtle.
For a unique wedding, a floaty whimsical dress or floral-patterned wedding dress paired with a flower hairvine looks ethereal. If one wishes to amplify the look, jewel and sequined boho hairvines can also be adorned. Especially a good headpiece for women with shorter hair, the hairvine exhibits bridal hairstyles in their natural glow.   
Vintage/Hollywood Glam Side Comb
Another great option for the minimalistic bride, the side comb looks ravishing with bridal hairstyles worn up. Be it a messy bun or another chic up-do, a bridal haircomb gives your hair the spark and glow it deserves. You could opt for pearl-encrusted combs, or jeweled showstoppers.  The perfect choice for the ever popular Hollywood wave to create a truly glamorous look.
Draped Bridal Hair-Chain
For the women with long, beautiful hair, and the desire to look different from the ordinary bride – draped bridal hair-chains is the way to go.  Depending on the detail they can give an art deco feel to a Bridal look, with chains giving a nod to the Roaring 20s, emitting a Great Gatsby vibe. Especially well-suited to themed weddings, the hair-drape can also have a boho feel when floral and pearl elements are encorporated into the design. Drapes can have multiple tiers, along with a sequin-encrusted broche or floral pins at the ends, for a finishing look.
In case you are planning to have a half up, half down hairdo at the wedding, draped bridal hair-chains are bound to turn heads.
Button Fascinator Veil/Hat

A dramatic look speaking of the 1950s, the button fascinator or birdcage veil adds a vintage look to your dress. The best part? You can pair it with a simple laced wedding dress, and voila! The dress is enhanced to greater fashion heights.
For real drama go for pinned curls and pair with a red lip!
Opt for any one of these headpieces. Whether you choose to go vintage, subtle, or regal, remember: No matter what you choose, it is your special day, and you be your own kinda Bride!
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