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To Veil or Not to Veil!!

Are you having a hard time deciding whether or not to wear a veil on your Wedding Day?? Don't panic we have a few pointers here that might help sway you in one direction or the other.
Lets face it there are not many opportunities in life to don a veil and get away with it so for that reason alone we at Stash say GO FOR IT! 
A veil can add a real finishing touch to a Bridal look and almost frame the Bride herself. Adding a veil is a great way to ramp up the whole Bridal thing and bring your look up to the next level. A veil adds an air of sophistication and formality to the Bride. There's no denying you're the Bride when you're rocking a veil.
As mentioned adding a veil can change up your Bridal look and bring it up a notch and removing it can bring it down a notch too. Removing the veil after the formalities are over gives you a second Bridal look that is a little more relaxed and gives a nod to a change of atmosphere and say's "I'm ready to party now the official stuffs all done!".
Here's one I bet you never thought of! The photo opportunities with a veil are just endless. Any good photographer will be able to get some really creative shots with a  veil and use it as a prop. Picture an artistic shot of the veil blowing in the wind,  flower-girls hiding beneath it or stealing a kiss with your newly wed under it. So many possibilities that will add an extra layer to your Wedding album long after the veils been packed away. 
And here's a few reasons or situations where we'd say maybe leave the veil out. .....
So if you are planning on getting married out on a wild and rugged  cliff top where you know it's going to be windy ditch the dream of a veil. That thing will drive you mad, pull the good hairstyle to pieces and more than likely smack your loved one or celebrant in the face a few times! Similarly if your ceremony is planned for a crisp dry forest with lots of foliage and jagged twigs about unless you want to spend the day detangling leaves and unhooking yourself from branches leave the veil at home. 
Another situation where you're best to forget the veil is if your planning a low key  Wedding Day or simple civil ceremony. As mentioned earlier a veil really adds a more formal look to the Bride so if the look you are going for is more low key don't mess with a veil. Keep it simple and paired back by leaving out the veil and choosing a simple headpiece or clip instead. 
So there's some ideas that might help you with the veil decision. There are lots of different veil types too (just to confuse you more!). Different veils can transform your look in different ways. Next week we'll look at veil types and how to choose the right one. In the mean time browse the range at
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