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What Veil and Why??

So you've made the decision to wear a veil? Now you have to choose one but which one?? There are so many styles and lengths available and each one creates a different look. If you're feeling a little lost in this world of tulle and net fear not here's a simple guide to help you pick the right veil.
Let's break it down into two parts, here we'll first look at fabrics and lengths and how to choose them. In our next blog we'll delve a bit further into veil styles, trims and embellishments. 
A Birdcage veil gives a real node to vintage styling and can really ramp up the drama of a Bridal look. Works very well with tea length vintage and antique styled dresses. There are three main fabrics that Birdcage veils are created from.
  • Russian Net - The most popular veiling option and most dramatic. Russian veiling has a large diamond with a thicker detail where the diamonds join which crates a dramatic spot detail. This spot shows up stronger in photos than it does in real life. As it's a very textured veil itself it can sometimes fight with heavily patterned lace dresses and is best worn with plainer fabrics and clean lines. 
  • French Net - A smaller finer diamond net which creates all the same drama but is a little less fussy. There is no spot detail on french net and so it is a paired back version of the Birdcage veil. Works well with most styles and is a good all rounder. 
  • Tulle Veiling - A tulle Birdcage veil is a nice contemporary version of the birdcage veil. All the vintage style but in a softer more subtle way. The tulle option is a perfect match for floaty dresses, heavily beaded and lace detailed dresses that can't afford any more texture being added. 

Birdcage veils are available in different lengths and styles from short blusher veils that just sit across the forehead, to visors that cover the eyes and full face veils that give full on drama but are maybe not so practical to wear.

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Traditional style veils come in different weight fabrics that are of varying stiffness and these two factors can change the look and shape of a veil dramatically. The traditional veil we have all seen time and time again is generally a medium weight English or Italian Tulle. This tulle holds it's shape and creates an A-Line silhouette. The alternative fabric choice would be a soft tulle which drapes like a vintage silk and will follow the shape and flow of the Bride and her chosen gown. This softer tulle sits close to the body and creates a draped more contemporary look.
Not sure what length to go for...have a look at the little illustration for a guide on sizes and names and let us talk you through what works best.
So we have dealt above with the shortest of veils the Birdcage. Next length would be elbow...lets skip right by that as it's the length generally worn by little girls making their communion, not a great look for a Bride! If you want to go for a shorter veil go for a fingertip length.
A fingertip length veil is what it says it is a veil that skims just past the waist to mid thigh or fingertips. A good choice for a bride looking for the traditional veil look but without a train to look after. Works well with mermaid style dresses that are tight through the hips and then flair out. The fingertip length veil will cut off about where these style dresses kick out so work quite well together. 
A veil that cuts off mid calf and works very well with vintage style tea dress. This veil style has roots in the 50's and 60's and gives the full veil effect. A ballet length will sit very well with the wide bottom of a tea dress and will sit out and rest on the hem nicely.
 Not an overly popular choice the Waltz length cuts just above the floor at the ankle. This veil can be a nice choice worn with an evening gown or a dress with no train, the waltz veil will sit just on or above the hem of these gowns and give a traditional look to a more paired back dress choice. 
A very popular choice with a lot of Brides particularly those looking for a full veil look without any high maintenance. Works particularly well with dresses that have a very detailed train with lots of lace or embellishment that you don't want to hide or take away from. Choosing this length in a raw edge veil means it will almost just melt into the dress train and it will be hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.
A chapel length veil will trail behind by about two foot depending where you place the comb on the head. This length works very well with most dresses and compliments gowns with shorter trains. A great all rounder again without a huge amount of minding. This length stays in place and follows the Bride diligently.
By far the most popular choice by today's Brides. This length veil will trail behind by about four foot depending again where worn on the head. A great choice for Brides with a nice train on their dress and seeking a veil to trail longer and sit out behind the gown. Works well with heavy full skirted gowns as well as slinky numbers too. There is some maintenance on this veil and you'll need to allow for that drama following you around. 
Think of the Royal Weddings and those dramatic long trains and endless veils trailing behind. The Royal Cathedral Veil is full on drama and the longest veil available from stock collections. Of course you can get custom made veils made as long as you wish but off-the-shelf this is as long as they'll come. Best suited to princess style gowns with heavy full A-line skirts and big trains. This veil takes some minding but a full skirted gown will do some of that work and the veil will sit out over it and follow it about for the day. Not recommended for slinky gowns as the royal cathedral veil will bunch up and just snake along behind the Bride without some structure below it.



So that's the run down on veil lengths to help you decide what's going to work best with your chosen gown. Next we'll look at the detail, in the mean time browse the range at http://stash.ie/collections/veils.



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