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When a Summer Wedding becomes a Winter Wedding

When you booked your Spring/Summer Wedding you pictured sunny days with soft breezes and growth a plenty but then well the pandemic happened. Your Spring/Summer wedding became a Winter one and now your wondering how are you going to make your already paid for Bridal party look work? 

So you originally had a light and airy colour pallette for your Summer wedding that's now been rescheduled to the depths of winter. Don't panic there are lots of ways to convert your summer wedding look to a winter one.

If your bridesmaids were set to wear lighter shades you can theme their pale pastels with darker shades in the same colour family or contrasting shades for a more dramatic look.
Example... pale blue bridesmaids... Add rich navy wraps or dramatic beaded shrugs.
Dusty pinks and nudes can be themed with rich burgundy fur wraps or dark beige shades.

For the Bride who has chosen a summer styled dress and is now feeling she will be a little exposed what better way to warm up your look than to add a cape.

A fabulous alternative to a veil that gives a dramatic yet practical look.
If your not feeling the drama of a cape a rich fur shrug or knit wrap can do the trick.

Add coloured shoes, some rich jewellery and change your bouquet & button holes to include deep shades and dry foliage.
Throw a berry lip in there and wolah you've winterised your Bridal party.

Written by KYNA MAREE 
Bridal Accessory designer & stylist

Pictures Unsplash / Pinterest

Flowers http://www.Fernwoodflowers.ie
Cape http://www.bykyna.ie
Beaded capelet http://www.folkster.ie 
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