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The STASHstory

#STASH was born out of a need for a fresh approach to Bridal Styling. Gone are the days of playing it safe on your Wedding Day, Brides these days are not afraid to express their own individual style and rock their unique look on their Big Day!
we say

BUT THEN.....the world changed so we changed too!

The pandemic hit...the weddings stopped and we restarted...expanding our range in the void  and coming back stronger than ever...now we are not just about the big day we are are bursting at the seams with gorgeous accessories for the
& still the best in town for the
#STASH is owned and managed by Girlboss KYNA MAREE  and her tiny team. You may be familiar with that name as Kyna is an established award winning Irish Designer. Her headpieces and Bridal accessories have been proudly worn by hundreds of Brides around the globe and graced the heads of stylish celebs too! Kyna has a natural flair for design and styling. She has over a decade of experience in event styling, wedding planning and accessory design. Kyna merged her skills with her love for accessories and style and
ta-dah STASH.ie was born.
#STASH is a small Irish company with BIG DREAMS. While not sourcing, stocking, photographing, running social media, doing the pr, designing, creating, emailing, making tea and filing tax returns Kyna also feeds and waters her 4 children from her home in County Meath. You can follow the mayhem behind the scenes over on her Instagram.
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By supporting this small business you are helping
contribute to a young Irish families success story.
For that we thank you kindly
......#STASHteam xxx
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