Questions Questions Questions.....

Shipping? whats the jazz? if you click on the shipping page in the menu at the bottom of the site you will find all our shipping questions answered there. Or follow this link here

Who makes your products? We have a range of products here at STASH headquarters made by all sorts of different people all around the world. Some of our pieces are sourced from international manufacturers who have been in the business for years. Some of our products are sourced from handcrafters and designers both here in Ireland and from other countries. We also have our own range of STASHbridal products, these pieces are designed by our in-house design team and either manufactured for us or made in our studio in County Meath. 

Do you have a store where I can I come visit ?? Do you know what? we absolutely do & it's gorgeous! We have a studio showroom in Battertsown in Co.Meath just 15 minutes from Blanchrdstown Shopping Center. The studio operates on an appointment only basis with appointments available mid week, evenings and one Saturday per month. 

I have another question but it's not here?? That's ok we are new and don't have too many questions pre-answered, we'd love to answer your query just message us and ask. Drop us an email using our contact form