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Silk Knot Top Band - 16 colours

Silk Knot Top Band - 16 colours

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Designed to be worn as a statement piece to a glam even, Wedding or day at the races. A contemporary choice to rival a fascinator or hat. 

This style us all about the fabric. Rich dupion silk which is a raw silk fabric with a textured feel and a fabulous sheen. This style is available in a range of stunning shades. A striking choice to finish a sophisticated look or wear with jeans and a T to give your everyday look a touch of ohh-la-la!


Easy and comfortable to wear with many hairstyles this is a neat millinery piece that can be worn again and again. 

Designed & handmade in Ireland 🇮🇪🍀


FULL restock end June 22




C O L O U R S 

We all know colours on screens can vary so let me explain the shades a little further.

A rich and vibrant hot pink/deep raspberry jewel shade that will compliment many other colours. Fab with golds and strong blues and classic black. A perfect finishing touch for a big occasion. Bestseller!


A very pale blush pink, a great neutral shade that works beautifully with pastels and block colours. 


A light mauve heather shade with a very slight pink sheen. Fab with gold, earthy greens and muted pinks. 


A rich rose  pink with a  light sheen. The light bounces lively off this shade giving a deep rose shade in the folds and a brighter pink where the light falls. 

Great with soft pinks or as a contrasting shade with blues and golds. 



A vibrant coral pink that flips colour as it catches the light. Stunning shade! Deep orange flips to coral pink when the light hits. Fabulous with orange, pink and coral shades this pieces tones in well with many shades due to its play with light. Great as a statement piece when worn with a contrasting shade. 


Rich deep rust orange with a fabulous sheen. Gorgeous with gold, black and ivory. A fabulously rich piece. 


A subtle pale sage green sheen. Perfect with sage, pale green and olive toned outfits. Gorgeous with gold! 


A vibrant fresh mint green with a champagne sheen. We live this shade worn with ivory, cream or gold. 


A gorgeous vibrant deep emerald green and deep royal blue fabric that flips colour in the light. Stunning with gold, blocked green or deep blue. 


A deep rich green shade with a lovely sheen. Perfect with gold! 


Vibrant deep deep blue with a slight indigo sheen. Gorgeous themed with pink. 


A deep rich Royal blue. Perfect worn with gold and fab with emerald greens and pinks. 


A deep champagne with a subtle copper seen. A warm neutral that will compliment many colours. 


A very neutral champagne beige with a subtle sheen to it. Perfect with any colour!! 


Simple neutral ivory, think the colour of whipped cream. 





These pieces are handmade and so slight variations will occur from piece to piece.

This style us made with either 100% silk or a 50% silk mix in some shades. The quality will always be top notch and fabrics will always be luxurious and fabulous! 

Raw silk is a natural woven fabric and contain pulls and knots, each piece will have a unique pattern of raw silk pulls. 

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