Satin edge soft tulle veil - Single Tier Cathedral

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A single tier soft draping veil with an ivory satin trimmed edge.

A great all rounder this veil looks good against both plain and lace fabrics.
Particularly well suited to simple dresses and lace to frame the look. 
The soft tulle is by far the favourite choice of STASHbrides. The soft draping of this fabric means this veil simple floats and falls over the silhouette of the Bride & her gown.....adding all the beauty but no bulky fabric. 
Works perfect with simple/plain wedding gowns to simply frame the look. Also great with lace gowns to give a crisp clean line to the look.
PLEASE ALLOW 14 WORKING DAYS FOR DELIVERY OF THIS ITEM - if you need it sooner mail us to request a rush order