Savannah Earrings - Last few

Savannah Earrings - Last few

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Savannah earrings

A little vintage and a lot gorgeous our Savannah earrings are a perfect choice to add a touch of classic vintage styling.  A Tear drop Cubic Zirconia surrounedd with pave set stones on a rhodium stud frame. 

*Best selling Bridal/Bridesmaid drop earring*

Style Tip

Let us explain the difference between our similar styles Savannah, London & Jacqueline. Although the tear drop drop earrings are alike the main difference is the subtle finish. In the Savannah earring the pave settings and the stones are cut in a more irregular way making them look a little more textured and vintage. Our London earring is almost identical but has a smoother more contemporary feel. Jacqueline is a little mix of both and comes from the Ivory & Co company.

Savannah is a great choice if you are after a classic vintage or antique look. 

Approx 20 mm in length

For pierced ears

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